Floor Lamp
Base 18x18cm H: 120/180
Sensor Dimmer
Finish : Brass
Shade : White

Ethereal and essential, this lamp fits into any setting with nonchalance. Costanza is an archetypal example of modern elegance. The polycarbonate shade rests on the aluminium structure at just two points.
Design Paolo Rizzatto, 1986
LED technology has made it possible to update Costanza while keeping its inimitable characteristics: high performance in terms of diffuse lighting and visual comfort

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Materials: Aluminium stem, interchangeable polycarbonate silkscreened shade

Ethereal and uncluttered, this lamp fits naturally into any setting. Costanza is an archetypal example of modern, colourful elegance. The polycarbonate diffuser rests on the aluminium structure at two points alone

Awards: Concours de la Creation Artistique SIL/Paris, Lampe d’Argent, 1988

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