Free Shipping

Some items shipped to Jakarta are free depending on the brand. Charges will apply with some of our other partners and charges apply when delivering to other cities. Jellyspace uses third party logistics as we try to find the best method and cost.


International Shipping

For international shipping please email/contact us directly and provide SKU number of the item and we will reply you.


Upon Receiving the Shipment

Upon receiving your items make sure everything is in good condition. You have the right to make the deliveryman wait while you open up the box to make sure all pieces are intact. Should you have damaged, missing, or inaccurate items please refer to our Return Policy (4.1)

Delivery does not include assembly. You are responsible for unpacking the items and placing it where they require it to be.

Quick Ship Home Accessories

For 1-3 business days delivery accessories only, orders must be processed before 12 noon the day before. Accessories shipping out of Jakarta may take 3-5 business days. For same day delivery please call / contact our whatsapp number (additional charges may apply)